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Too Few Tour | Too Few Tour Team Registration

YO, AMERICA! Russ Liquid & Thriftworks are looking for dedicated music lovers such as yourselves to help spread the good word about their 2015 Tour! Think you have what it takes to be an all-star Street Teamer? Want to get hooked up with FREE tickets to shows and win cool sh*t? Then look no further. All you have to do is submit this form and you'll be on your way to the dopeness.
Here's what it takes to be part of the #TooFewTourTeam:

- Hang posters around town
- Distribute handbills at relevant shows
- RSVP to the Facebook Event Page and invite your friends
- Raise awareness through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (post RL tracks, share/re-tweet RL posts, etc.)
- Take pictures and screenshots of your promotional efforts
- Check in via email each week until show date

* Required

** Please note that as much as we want to have ALL of you out to EVERY show, there is limited space available for each show date, and we can't accommodate everyone the first time around. Don't worry! We'll keep your application on file and be sure to contact you next time Russ Liquid throws down in your town. 


Please fill out and submit the following form. We'll notify you within 1-2 weeks of your submission of this form if chosen for your requested show date. 

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I understand that submitting this form does NOT guarantee me a free ticket to the show. I must be chosen based on the information provided, and I will be notified via email if chosen.